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The Jenny Life Mission:

Life, uncomplicated.

About Jenny Life
Jenny Life is a life insurance app that uses modern technology to upgrade the way you buy life insurance. Within minutes (we know you’re time-starved) you can easily apply for life insurance from their smartphone or laptop. No health exams. No blood tests. No urine samples. Start by uploading a photo of your driver’s license and get instant coverage from an A-rated insurance carrier. Plans start at $7/month. We help you find the option that fits your goals, family and budget.

The Jenny Life Story
Jenny Life was started by Chirag and Lief—two kick-ass husbands—who said “no more!” to the old ways of getting life insurance. They witnessed firsthand the deep frustrations experienced by their wives as they followed the tedious steps of the traditional life insurance buying process. Health exams. Blood tests. Urine samples. Lengthy phone and paper applications that took weeks. So much time and energy and still the risk of getting denied? This system was broken and it was time for a serious upgrade. So, the entrepreneurs gave this industry the face-lift it needed. And when they learned the number of moms protected by life insurance was so low, they made it their mission to change the statistic. They developed a new life insurance technology and created the Jenny Life mobile app to modernize this process.

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“Moms can’t live carefree. Your whole life is built around caring. We’re making it easier for you to care.”

—Chirag, Founder

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Baby Bumps are Beautiful

”I was personally appalled to learn that most insurance applications ask a pregnant woman to use her pregnancy weight. My mom taught me that if you believe something isn’t right, don’t ignore it, change it! Here at Jenny Life we’re fighting for changes in the insurance industry both large and small. We feel it’s just the right thing to do. If you’re pregnant and you apply using Jenny Life, go ahead and put down your pre-pregnancy weight.”

—Lief, co-founder