Jenny Life, Inc. is a new life insurance brand that is helping time-starved women and mothers to get life insurance in a quick and easy manner via our mobile apps (IOS/Android).  We help you apply for life insurance in a couple of minutes right from your phone without any health exams (who likes giving blood and urine samples, right?). 

Simply by taking a picture of your driver’s license and debit card, you can secure up to $300K in instant coverage provided by an A-rated insurance carrier.



Life, uncomplicated.


Reasons why women and mothers should consider getting life insurance:

  • Life Insurance is a public policy issue.  The number of women and mothers protected with adequate life insurance has been on the decline. 
  • Life insurance is about providing financial protection to your kids/parents/spouse, should you die.  We believe you are the center of their world and that while no amount of money can replace you, the right amount can soften the blow.
  • If you die your beneficiaries get the face value of your policy tax-free.
  • Life Insurance can provide resources for your children's education, your mortgage, and income replacement.