7 Best Apps for Moms on the Go


Want to hear the least controversial headline ever? Mom life is crazy! Thankfully, we have modern technology at our literal fingertips to help us make this insane, beautiful adventure just a little bit easier.

From arranging a last second sitter to finding yourself a little bit of “me time,” there are countless fantastic apps for moms on the go. Here are seven of our current favorites.


Whether you’re looking for a girl’s night out sitter or a long-term nanny, UrbanSitter is your resource for finding fantastic trusted childcare in your area. With the tap of a finger, discover a network of top-notch expert sitters for your kids.

Every babysitter or nanny on UrbanSitter must pass a multi-step application process, and features a profile complete with reviews, recommendations, and badges from other parents in your own community. Connect, interview, book, and pay for everything childcare in one place.

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Leap Home Workout

Few things feel as great as conquering an incredible workout, but with a crew of little ones, tracking down time to exercise seems next to impossible. And let’s be honest—if a few free minutes does pop up, do we really want to use it heading to the gym?

With the Leap Home Workout app skip the gym entirely and get a complete workout every day right at-home. Routines only take a few minutes and require absolutely zero equipment. Just choose if you’d like to focus on a particular muscle group or the whole body, and Leap will act as your personal trainer.

There are even meal plans if you’re looking for a handheld partner to help you lose weight, build muscle, or just enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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Cozi Family Organizer

With over 20 million members, Cozi may be the ultimate family organizer app. The winner of multiple awards like the Healthline Best Parenting App in 2017 and a three-time Mom’s Choice Award recipient, count on Cozi to make your hectic life way more manageable.

Rather than juggle multiple apps, Cozi will keep things like to-do lists, carpool schedules, grocery lists, medical appointments and tons more, all together in one place. Everything is also easily shareable so the whole family can know the plan. No excuses.

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Finally! A ridesharing app for the carpool crowd. Don’t think that means your kid getting paired up with a random driver though. Instead, GoKid is essentially an app that lets you to set-up and schedule carpools with other parents that you’ve personally invited. Now you’ll have a trusted team to message and arrange schedules with. Anytime. Anywhere.

Just imagine: You got held up at work but Joey has soccer practice—and you were today’s ride. Instead of texting parent after parent hoping one is free, just shoot one message to the soccer team group asking for a date switch. With ease, calendars can be edited for all to see making that hectic carpool life a little less crazy.

Other awesome features include:

  • Carpool reminders so you never forget it’s “your day”
  • Easy editing and scheduling
  • User-friendly master schedule
  •  Integration

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Tired of ending up at the same parks or doing the same activities day after day, but have a million other priorities that beats out searching for something new? Or often find yourself clueless about where the kid-friendly spots are when you’re exploring an unfamiliar area? Then you’ll love the Webby Award winning Yuggler app!

Yuggler pulls up all of the best places, activities and events for families like parks, restaurants, museums, playgrounds, and more. Each listing has reviews, locations, and other details giving you a precise description of what to expect.

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Think the insanity of motherhood equals putting off the knowledge of current events until say, the 2034 election cycle? Not when you have theSkimm. Created in 2012 by two women believing there are no excuses to be uninformed, theSkimm squeezes the news into short, streamlined, easy-to-digest stories.

Today, it boasts over 7 million subscribers and is recommended by parenting sites like Parents.com and AppyMommy. Some of theSkimm’s many features includes:

  • Weekly audio episodes
  • News notifications
  • A calendar so you never miss major current events
  • Daily newsletters, articles, and headlines
  • Recommendations from books to Netflix

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We love being moms, but that all too often comes at the cost of losing important connections to the adult women around us. Peanut is a brand-new social networking app made for busy moms looking for other like-minded moms to talk everything from parenthood to politics.

Like a Tinder for making new mom friends, connect by swiping then creating chat groups, meetups, discussions and more. After all, what’s better than sharing authentic, real-time experiences with others going through the modern world of motherhood too? 

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Did we miss your favorite app for moms on the go? Let JennyLife know in the comments below and maybe we’ll add them to our next list of our favorite apps!

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