Life Insurance and Vaping


For a tiny device that only hit the U.S. market in 2007, smoking e-cigarettes, also called vaping, has taken the tobacco world by storm. Marketed as a healthier, more customizable alternative to traditional cigarettes, about 3.4% of American adults indulge in the vaping habit—not bad for an industry that kicked off just over a decade ago.

The massive rise of vaping is likely due to the cleaner image the product conveys. Rather than that hard-to-shake smell of tobacco smoke or the over 7,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, e-cig users instead inhale an often pleasantly scented and flavored vapor. Though chemicals are undoubtedly still being inhaled, even the CDC accepts that vaping is likely the less harmful option.

Still, many questions remain within this new niche, including how it effects your life insurance coverage and monthly premiums. Like, do those who only vape still count as smokers? Is vaping really that much healthier than smoking? And either way, isn’t it at least better than traditional cigarettes? Let’s find out.

What Do We Know About Vaping vs. Cigarettes?

Since it’s a relatively new industry, few definitive studies have been made about the long-term effects of regular e-cigarette use. With the ability for users to customize the liquid formulas based on taste, nicotine levels, scents, etc., tracking the infinite variables also makes this task trickier.

What isn’t disputed is that smoking kills 480,000 Americans every year and shortens a smoker’s lifespan by an average of 10 years. It’s also the most common preventable cause of death in the U.S. Despite these numbers, almost 38 million American adults are still regular smokers, though that doesn’t mean they all want to be.

Many consider vaping a valuable tool when trying to quit smoking cigarettes—or at least try to minimize their known health risks. If this is the case for a life insurance applicant, shouldn’t life insurance companies take this into consideration, especially if the applicant completely abstains from traditional cigarettes?

Honestly, it’s legitimate questions like these that have put vaping into a grey area and creates quite the conundrum both for those applying for life insurance, and life insurance companies themselves. However, when it’s time for a life insurance quote to be determined, companies will always side with the established facts.

In 2016, the FDA concluded that all so-called Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, also known as ENDS, would be officially categorized as a tobacco product giving them the same warnings and regulations as traditional cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc. At least in terms of life insurance companies, this ruling turned that grey area black and white. 

How Do I Get Life Insurance As a Vaper

First and foremost, ALWAYS be honest on your application. Not only are there countless ways for insurers to find out the truth, lying can also void the intended death benefit to your loved ones in the event of your passing. Essentially, life insurance companies could label your policy fraudulent turning an already difficult time for your family even more challenging.

That doesn’t mean that honesty will condemn you to a terrible rate, or even denial of coverage. If you legitimately only smoke e-cigarettes—usually meaning you have ceased smoking traditional cigarettes for at least 12 months—don’t hesitate to mention it on your application or to your agent if possible. There are no guarantees, but you may be eligible for lower rates than a traditional smoker.

It might be pricier or more complicated as an e-cigarette smoker, but quality life insurance is often attainable and surprisingly affordable if you’re in otherwise good health. That means not letting your vaping habit act as an excuse for not seeking coverage. The fact of the matter is that smoking anything increases your odds of being diagnosed with a smoking-related illness and pre-mature death.

With a family to care for, securing high-quality life insurance, along with completing a will, is essential in guaranteeing their financial future no matter what circumstances arise. This means not waiting until you’ve been actually diagnosed with a serious illness to apply. If you do wait until after being diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness, any decent coverage is often completely out-of-reach.  

How Do I Get More Affordable Life Insurance?

Whether you’re a vaper, a traditional cigarette smoker, or both, the best way to securing great, affordable life insurance is to quit smoking. We know that’s way easier said than done, but it’s a fact that life insurance companies view smoking as a serious threat to your health and lifespan.

If you honestly think vaping is helping you on your journey to quit, keep it up as long as your ultimate goal is to eventually put the smoking habit down altogether. There are also countless resources out there to help you quit that might be the key to boosting your savings—and your lifespan.

Love to vape? You can still secure incredible life insurance in minutes with the JennyLife app. No exams. No doctors. No wasted time. After all, you have better things to do than compare life insurance plans. We’ll compare quotes from top-rated companies made to fit your life and ensure your family is protected—no matter what.

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