What is Life Insurance

A life insurance policy pays a tax-free guaranteed amount of money (a death benefit) to your beneficiaries (like children, spouse).  It is a great way to provide a financial cushion to protect your family when they need it most when you are gone.

What is "Term" Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most affordable way to get life insurance.  It keeps the premium level for the period of time in force.  Term life insurance is the right choice for most people looking for the most amount of coverage at a lower monthly expense.

Why do I need Life Insurance?

If you have dependents (typically a spouse, children or elderly parents) that rely on you for financial support or if you have a significant amount of debt that would be left to your family if something happened to you, then you probably need life insurance. 

What if I already have it with my employer?

Many people who get life insurance through their employer believe they are adequately covered. However, if you have dependents or significant debt, your employer-provided policy may not provide enough coverage.
You should review your employer-provided policy and keep the following in mind to determine if the policy coverage fits your needs and if you should consider an individual term life insurance policy:

Most employer-provided term life insurance plans only cover a small amount of lost income in the event of an employee's death — often a year or two of lost salary. As a rule of thumb, you should maintain a policy in the amount of at least six to 10 times your annual salary.
An employer-provided policy is often job-dependent. If you leave your job, you will probably lose your coverage. Purchasing a new policy once the employer-provided coverage lapses will be more expensive since you will be older and potentially less healthy.
If you leave your job for health-related reasons, you may have difficulty – and find it significantly more expensive – getting new coverage when your employer-provided policy lapses.

Can my Spouse also be covered?

Yes, your husband or wife can also purchase Life Insurance from Jenny Life Insurance, just have them fill out an application.

Is this only for women?

We are equally loving.  We just focus on women first, but males can purchase life insurance just as well here.

Do women pay more?

No, usually women are better risks so they pay lower premium!

Can I buy other insurance from you?

Yes, we will be rolling out other types of insurance specially curated for our audience

Why Jenny Life?

Jenny Life Company is a women-focused team of folks who care about serving women and making sure they are every bit as financially protected as men.

Who is Jenny Life?

We are a team of insurance experts, financial experts and caring designers/developers focused on respectfully educating and offering the right products to you.

Why should I buy from Jenny Life?

Simple:  Fast, economical, and friendly. We built this team and company from a white sheet of paper focusing on what matters to you.

Where do I go if I have questions?

Jenny Life is an insurance agency working with carriers who we believe respect and value you.  We are also a technology company led by HUMANS to make our lives better by protecting our families and assets fast, easy and intuitively.

Are you an insurance company?

Where can I find my policy documents?

Your policy documents are sent via mail.  We are working on getting you all your policy documents digital sometime in 2018.

Help with password?

If you have forgotten your password you can request to reset your password directly from the Jenny Life app.

How can I change my address/contact information?

All changes to your account information need to be handled by TruStage.  You can make a request here.

When and How do I pay?

You pay for the coverage when you first buy the policy (your premium payment). Thereafter your debit or credit card will be billed the same rate every period that you chose when you started the coverage.  For example: if you chose to pay monthly, your debit or credit card will be charged each month for your premium.

How do I know this is secure?

We use the latest in encryption technology available. If you pay your taxes online, or buy your diapers from online, we use the same safeguards as those retailers.

How are you different than others?

We are focused on you and have designed, developed and formulated the best product possible.  Jenny Life offers one of the fastest and most convenient life insurance application processes ever created.

Who are TruStage and CMFG Life Insurance Company?

TruStage is owned by CMFG Life Insurance Company.  CMFG is an A-rated insurance carrier who supports the life insurance on you and pays out during a claim event.  Jenny Life is an affiliate insurance agency of TruStage.