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When planning for retirement, annuities are a consideration as a means of protecting against the possibility of outliving your money.

When planning for retirement, annuities are a consideration as a means of protecting against the possibility of outliving your money.

Jennylife™ Retirement Planning –  because you don’t have a pension!

Jennylife offers a retirement planning service that will supplement your social security.  While Jenny life insurance protects your family from a premature death, our annuity-based retirement planning service protects you from outliving your money.  This is what smart people do with Jenny Life, Inc. 

We offer a form of guaranteed retirement funding called an Annuity. A Jenny Life annuity is a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life. Annuities are insurance contracts whose payments are guaranteed by the company issuing the contract.  We work with A-rated insurance companies who have solid backing.

  1. Most people will have a basic social security monthly payment
  2. Many people will have a 401k
  3. Very few people will have a private annuity.  A guarantee of monthly checks no matter how long you live.

We provide a couple of types of Annuities:

fixed annuity.jpeg

Fixed Annuities

•Gives you a fixed rate of return

•Enjoys tax-free benefits just like 401k

indexed annuities

Indexed Annuities

•Gives you a variable rate of return based on stock market return

•Can have a minimum rate of return

•Enjoys tax-free benefits just like 401k


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What can a life insurance policy offer you right now?

replace lost income.png

Replace your earned income
leave money to replace the loss of your essential income

take care of the kids.png

Take care of the kids
leave money for childcare and education

help pay for home expenses.png

Help pay for home expenses
leave money for your mortgage so they don’t have to move

tax free inheritance.png

Tax-free inheritance
leave money to fuel the dreams of those you love

leave a legacy.png

Secure your legacy
leave money to benefit a charity or cause you care about

cover funeral and final expenses.png

Cover funeral and final expenses
leave money for your memorial service and final expenses

Cover debt and cosigned loans.png

Cover personal debt or
co-signed loans

leave money to unburden debt on those you leave behind

offset estate taxes.png

Offset estate taxes
leave money for your heirs to pay taxes due on their inheritance

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